Royal Mint
The royal mint gifting range

The Royal Mint is one of the world's oldest mints, minting coins for over 1100 years and operating from its purpose-built home in Llantristant. Minting is carried out to create working coin currency and bespoke limited-edition coins for the collectors and investment market.

The Royal Mint has always had a low-profile gifting range targeting the special-edition coin collector, christenings and young collectors. Products were historically available to purchase through main Post Office outlets. Packaging and display of the products was perceived as very tired and needed a radical rethink to elevate the brand positioning of the entire gifting range. 

So studio were tasked with energising the gifting visual identity platform, raising the Royal Mint brand profile, andccreate a gifting range which was more prestigious and reached out to a wider audience. A broader range of high profile retail outlets to display the products, along with a new online shop platform would provide increased footfall and help capture the magic of gifting.


  • Brand photography |
  • Branding |
  • Image creation |
  • Packaging design

Visual identity platform

Our brief was to create a visual identity for a gifting range aimed at a more adult audience, initially aimed at the wedding market; and the younger population where gifts were created for christenings and younger gifting.

We devised a new refreshed brand look for the Royal Mint based on the use of pure monotone imagery, and sympathetic messaging to resonate with the audience. The use of pure, textural, uncoated packaging stocks, wrapped with brand purple colour cloth ribbons and printed tissue paper. Metallic silver inks displayed typography added to the prestige of the gifting product range.

Your Wedding gifting range packaging

Gifting box packaging containing unique dated silver sixpence and premium gold sovereign coins, with a personalised booklet, a unique memory of your special wedding day.

Authentic coin certificate

Hand-made cotton based paper stocks, threaded with white thread, bound the original water-marked certification booklet.

Children’s gifting range packaging

Gifting box packaging containing unique dated silver pennies and coin collections. We created a iconic fairground horse to personalise the children’s gifting range.