KWS BioTest
Making scientific data more engaging

KWS BioTest is a company established in Bristol, UK, with a global reach in the field of scientific research for clinical research programmes. A world-leading team of experts help generate high-quality data for the development of solutions for immunology, inflammation and infection programmes.

The challenge was to establish a new website which delivered the pioneering expertise of KWS BioTest in an increasingly competitive market and showcase complex information in a more engaging way.

The development of the new website acted as a catalyst to develop a new brand platform with a new visual identity running through all communications.


  • Branding |
  • Print communications |
  • Web design |
  • Web development

Brand mark development

The concept we designed for the KWS brand mark is based on focus and the fundamentals of cells and techniques KWS uses.

Printed communications

We created sector brochures and stationery using bespoke brand imagery. The colours and content continued across the website and exhibition design so there was continuation across their communications.

Three brochures with different images of cells on the covers
Stack of KWS black and white business cards laid out in a checker board pattern

Exhibition design and video presentations

The business development team at KWS received some great comments about how much they stood out among other exhibitors at international conferences.  The brand imagery acted as a great conversation starter.

Website creation and build

We designed the website with three distinct areas which matched the areas of their experience and represented the stages of developing new treatments. Each sector had a strong colour theme with its own relevant imagery. Effortless navigation completed our vision for the new site.

The website was built using Craft CMS and some areas were translated into three languages.

Desktop Browser Frame
Desktop Browser Frame
Desktop Browser Frame

Corporate video

We created three videos for KWS in a conversational format. Neil and Robin were excellent at getting lots of information across in a way familiar to people in their field. The ground they were able to cover in these short conversations was impressive and laid a great foundation for the content elsewhere on the website.

The abstract backgrounds were created using our brand imagery which used real and relevant electron microscope imagery.