Gavin Jennings
Branding a shoulder specialist

Gavin Jennings is a specialist shoulder surgeon based in Bath, UK. His knowledge and expertise and growing reputation in the field of shoulder surgery has led to an increased demand for his services across London and other parts of the UK, especially in elite professional sports.

This move into other areas required the need for a more cohesive brand and informative website which would professionally focus on the expertise of the consultancy, and deliver the whole process of shoulder surgery in a more accessible way.

The team at So worked with Gavin to create a rich knowledge-led website, accessible to the general public seeking advice about shoulder conditions and a knowledge bank for which could be accessed by medical professionals.

We developed a distinct look for Gavin Jennings, detailed monochrome photography which focused on treatment areas, supported by clear typographical messaging. Bespoke medical illustrations were created to help visualise shoulder conditions and a online quick diagnosis tool to help direct to possible shoulder complaints.


  • Branding |
  • Brand photography |
  • Image creation |
  • Medical illustration |
  • Web design |
  • Web development

Brand visual platform

Black and white brand photography of a defined back and shoulders


Desktop Browser Frame
Screenshot of website homepage featuring black and white photography of a man's shoulder

Diagnosis tool

We developed a diagnosis tool, working with Gavin to create the questions. People are able to find out what may be causing their pain, and easily get in touch to book a consultation.