Eco Rating
Evaluating the environmental impact of mobile phones

Eco Rating is a consortium of the world's main mobile phone operators, set up to provide a measured impact of mobile phones on our planet. The purpose of this new initiative is to provide the consumer with the environmental footprint of a device purchased.

So studio worked with the Eco Rating consortium, to develop a brand identity for Eco Rating, and tell the mission of the concept through an interactive website and labelling tool for the consortium to develop across mobile devices.


  • Branding |
  • Brand guidelines |
  • Web design |
  • Web development |
  • Image creation |
  • Animation |
  • Digital assets

Creating the concept

The concept is designed around the idea of the footprint of a mobile phone: a window on the environmental story of each mobile phone. From production and transporting, to the useful lifetime of the phone and recycling/disposing. We sourced different overhead landscape imagery to underin the messages.

Designing and building a website

Our brief was for a website to introduce Eco Rating to anyone who is interested in the carbon footprint of their device. Customers shopping for more responsible options, and companies interested in joining the scheme. Visitors are from across the world, and at launch is available in 8 languages.

The website was designed to have a low carbon footprint. We used imagery rather than video and gave the option for an energy-saving dark mode. The build was optimised with lots of features behind the scenes to keep it streamlined and lightweight. We also host the site on a server powered by clean energy.

Eco branding

The identifiable marque and brand is built using colours and imagery associated with eco themes. The flexible palette works in light and dark modes.

A suite of guidelines was developed to help operators across the globe to manage the brand assets.

Creating an Eco Rating Label

A big part the Eco Rating is the way devices will be labelled for consumers. So studio developed the mechanics for the label to be downloaded by operators for use online, packaging, and printed promotions.

The downloadable labels are available in a range of formats and in 26 languages (and counting).