Royal Mail
Marking ten years of bbc series sherlock

Our brief from Royal Mail was to create a set of six special stamps marking ten years since the first airing of  Sherlock. The concept was that each stamp would bring to life a pivotal episode and feature one of the show's main protagonists.

The challenge was to capture the stylised way each episode was filmed, and the special aesthetic nuances of the storytelling of Sherlock in a small area of print. By overlaying subtle transparent layers of screen grabs, and artfully blended colour hues, we were able to capture the essence of each episode. Showing overlaid clues, memories, text messages and even thought processes helped us create the  mind games running through Sherlock.


  • Stamp design |
  • Packaging design |
  • Illustration |
  • Image creation |
  • Coin design

Stamp design concept

Sourcing key moments in individual frames from hours of Sherlock footage and overlaying sequences to create the essence of the story.

Stamp design

Sherlock with London skyline behind.
Moriarty in the Pool scene
Irene Adler in Mycroft's study
Watson in 221b Baker Street
Mary with John and Sherlock parting ways in the background
Mycroft with Sherlock and Eurus playing violins in the prison cell
All six Sherlock stamps shown together

Special print techniques

We created special UV print techniques across the stamp issue, where mind games and clues are revealed under UV light.

The clues are revealed on the stamps under a UV light. Each stamp features the key clues from its episode

Stamp presentation pack

The presentation pack was created to delve deeper into the origins of the series. We pulled together visual hooks to use as a backdrop and show the mind games involved in solving complex clues.

Stamp pack design with the six Sherlock stamps placed on

First day cover and stamp marks

Sherlock first day cover envelope and rubber hand stamps

Collectors sheet

Special coin issues

Two presentation coin issues were created to add to the products available to the global fan base.

The first coin issue centred on Sherlock and Moriarty’s complex relationship. The visual backdrop was created to bring together visual elements and screen graphics pivotal to their relationship.

Supporting coin issue

A second coin issue was created, the theme based on the original works of Arthur Conan Doyle. So studio developed a suite of contemporary illustrations to support the accompanying story and bespoke coin design.

A labour of love

We really enjoyed creating these stamps and products, Sherlock is a fantastic show, and well-known for its visual appeal. This project was a dream, and also a great reason to rewatch all 4 series. We highly recommend rewatching the episodes (maybe even many, many times through like we did.)