Orange Business
Introducing orange digital services

Orange Business recently created a new business entity to focus on the brand’s digital and data expertise and services.

Our brief was to create a short film to succinctly explain this new entity, the skills and customer offering over four areas of expertise: Customer Service, Data and AI, Cloud and Workspace. 

The film promotes Orange Business as a leading European network and digital integrator. It's used at events, client meetings, internal screens and organically on social media channels across Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Germany, Norway & Sweden. 

We worked with the Orange Business global teams to conceptualise storyboards and develop branded animations to help support the script and be true to the Orange Business brand. We created the idea of a pixel environment which evolves through branded icons and moving graphics to delivers key messaging. Graphics move to a carefully timed voice over and was delivered in four languages. 


  • Video storyboard |
  • Animation |
  • Voiceover and translation

Creating the first stage storyboards

Developing ideas exploring abstract graphics to illustrate the script. We always start the concept process in sketch form, and then gradually craft themes in line and shape form.

Developing storyboards

Exploring more abstract themes.

Developing storyboards

Crafting the storyboards and introducing 
the three core Orange Business brand colours.

Animating storyboards

Developing animated sequences for the storyboard, and commissioning voiceovers and sound to accompany the animation.

Delivering the final piece

A 3 minute piece of animation with voiceover and narration in 4 languages.

Happy clients

We asked So to create this film and were really pleased with the results. They totally understood our need for a film that felt like it belonged within the Orange Business brand identity, but with a more digital aspect due to the content involved.

Steve and his team took the project through extensive storyboard workings – using a script we provided – and worked on mock-ups of how the animation would behave, so we could review and agree at every step of the process.

The final result is a beautiful 2 minute animated film with illustrations following our core identity, with an uplifting sound track and great voiceover.

It was produced with four subtitle options so that it can be used more widely across Europe. The team are really happy with the result and excited to use this new asset in their communication plans.

Jess Hipwood
Head of Brand and Identity, Orange Business.