Jersey Post Frankenstein
Celebrating 200 years of frankenstein

2018 marked the bicentennial of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and Jersey Stamps wanted to commemorate the occasion with the release of a stamp set and associated products.

We were commissioned to design the material based on our work with Royal Mail, through character creation in the Magical Realms stamp release.

Our brief was to create the story of Frankenstein across eight stamps, interpreting the story true to Mary Shelley’s original writing and disregarding film interpretations of the monster.

We created wireframe models of the monster based on our research and balanced the beauty of the Swiss Alps landscape with the insecurities of the creature's life through tactile layering of imagery. The design was also commissioned to work in moving imagery to promote the release of the stamps.


  • Stamp design |
  • Illustration |
  • Motion graphics |
  • Packaging design

Frankenstein Logotype branding

Stamp design

Individual stamp design incorporating character creation and illustration across a set of eight stamps.

Product teaser video

Stamp product design

Creating the overall scene using image creation and bespoke typography to work across all Frankenstein stamp products.

Miniature sheet design

Souvenir stamp sheet design

With special lenticular printing.