Jersey Post Christmas
Intricate hand-cut paper christmas stamps

Jersey Post approached us in 2018 with the idea of producing a set of Christmas stamps which depicted festive icons. We explored different creative interpretations of Christmas icons, but wanted to explore a different creative approach which would be unique for the habitants of Jersey.

The idea of intricate paper cut scenes was born: layers of hand-cut paper illustrations forming familiar Jersey landmarks intertwined with familiar Christmas icons. Each stamp received hours of delicate work. We carefully photographed each with its own colour hue. The stamps and associated products were rolled out, along with matching Christmas cards, and animated videos to promote the story.


  • Stamp design |
  • Illustration |
  • Motion graphics |
  • Packaging design

Stamp design concept

Sketching out and making individual scenes. From the original sketches, acurate drawings formed the basis of the cutting plans. We worked with paper cutting artist Karen Davis at Mustard Cuts to help achieve the intricate cut scenes.

Sketches of the stamps shown in a notebook
Artist's hand showing paper cutting on a mat

Scene photography

Each paper cut scene was photographed to capture the delicate individual layering and lighting of each cut to form the complete scene.

Stamp design

Each individual Jersey scene forming a set of eight stamps

First Day Cover

Stamp selvege sheets

Additional paper cut scenes were created for each stamp selvedge sheet.

Stamp presentation packs

Additional festive paper cuts brought the magic of Christmas to the presentation pack.

Christmas animation

We created an animated piece to run through all island post offices to promote the Jersey festive scenes.