Storage and office workspaces made for life

Bisley is a British manufacturer of steel-based workspace furniture and storage solutions The company was formed after the Second World War and is historically famous for its steel filing cabinets which are now seen as design classics. Over recent years, Bisley has transformed its products inline with modern work practices, unfortunately the market and Bisley’s employees and dealers still thought of the company as selling individual storage products.

Bisley commissioned us to audit the brand across its global network of showrooms and dealerships and recommend a programme that would reposition the company inline with its aspiration and vision for the future.


  • Web development |
  • Photography |
  • Print communications |
  • Web design |
  • Brand audit |
  • Brand guidelines |
  • Tone of voice |
  • Visual language |
  • Animation |
  • Ecommerce online shop |
  • 3D product configurator

Bisley Made for Life

The blueprint concept, Bisley Made for Life. A visual thread that runs through all Bisley communications.

Bisley Made for Life Brochure

A brand brochure is born, enforcing Bisley Made for Life outlining Bisley's heritage and how Bisley is a part of your everyday life. Bespoke consumer-driven photography, sit alongside newly-crafted product photography.

Real life stories

The corporate brochure featured real settings and environments where Bisley storage is helping with the everyday running of people's workplaces, homes and lives.

Visual language design

A series of visual language pieces to help deliver a new way of talking about Bisley products, and how Bisley can help adapt for a changing workplace.

Brand photography

Extensive new suite of photography sitting products in aspirational lifestyle environments with the Bisley visual language acting as backdrop drapes to reinforce benefits of each product.

Showroom visual language

The visual language pieces were developed to work across all Bisley showrooms across the world. The pieces act as vital message points in showroom tours to prospective clients.

New website

A new digital experience for Bisley customers: greater engagement with the Bisley brand, its products and a vision for workplace solutions.

The website is used by thousands of customers, dealers and Bisley teams. It features a vast catalogue of products and a media bank for dealers to gather resources. The site is available across eight locales, and in four languages.

Online shop

We created the first Bisley online shop representing a new way of selling directly to customers. The shop featured over 2,000 products, and integrated tightly with their internal fulfilment tools and CRM. It was also managed with the same CMS as the website so lots of resources were shared.

Sales over the first year of the shop being live exceeded their projections.

We supported Bisley with setting up social media business channels, making sure the pages on the shop were optimised for sharing on social channels.

Desktop Browser Frame

3D configurator tool

As part of the sales teams' toolkit, we created a 3D configurator tool to show how you can customise your own product, which integrates with their order system.

Talk Bisley

As part of a new digital experience for Bisley customers, with greater engagement with the Bisley brand, its products and a vision for workplace solutions.